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Our factory based on ISO9001:2015 quality system,we managed many processes to control the quality for metal castings.

From the raw material to final casting products,we monitor everything of sand casting and investment casting process.

The necessary facilities will be widely used in every program:

1. Raw Material Quality Control: Generally, we should be check the chemistry property as new raw material coming. The raw material cover pig iron, strap steel, coal and sand.

2. Production quality control: the Working Instruction will be confirmed before production. Then we will care every process based programs. Especially the first sample must be checked carefully.

3. We will check the chemistry again when the products are finished. We also check the mechanical property, such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and hardness.

4. To find the inner defect, we also use non-destructive method to check the products,such as ultrasonic testing,and radiography inspection.To find the surface crack, the magnetic particle testing and penetrating testing are also choices.

5. We will keep the records for about 2 years , then we will trace every batch.

Experienced inspection team of our factory conducts the entire quality control procedure from raw material to finished products. All inspectors are well trained and have rich product knowledge & inspection experiences.

1)Raw Material Control.
2)Chemistry Spectrum Analysis
3)Mechanical Property
4)Metallographic Analysis
5)Ultrasonic Testing
6)Magnetic Testing.
7)Radiographic Testing.
8)Dimension Inspection.
9)Visual Inspection
10)Dimension Checking
11)Chemical Analysis
12)Penetrant Testing
13)Leak Testing
14)Hardness Test

Sand Sieving Machine

Sand Sieving Machine for analysis sand Spectrum for chemistry analysis

Machenical Property Teting

Mechanical Property Testing,include tensile strength,yield strength and elongation.

ultrasonic examination

Ultrasonic examination



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