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Current Situation Of China Electric Power Fitting Industry

Current situation of China Electric Power Industry

First. Because of the high threshold of the industry introduction of electric power fittings, it is necessary to complete the production of all kinds of large equipment and mould, so the amount of investment is relatively high. It is difficult for the enterprises in developing to be affected by sales and so on. It is difficult to complete the renewal of new mould and equipment by investing huge capital. Therefore, the specific production workers of domestic power fittings are advanced, but they are in a state of stagnation.

Second. China has a high demand for the electric power tool industry, and has strict supervision. In order to ensure the safety quality of the electric appliances, China has not developed the market for the electric power fittings in an all-round way. The composition of the state supervision and production is relatively large, and the construction of a large number of large electric network needs to be extremely high. The right of construction can be obtained by bidding.

Third. The main raw materials for the production of electric power fittings in China are copper, iron, aluminum and other raw materials. Because the price of raw materials fluctuates greatly, it is very difficult to control the production cost, and it has a great influence on the development of the enterprises. Therefore, the price of the raw materials is reasonably stable and the Chinese electric power fittings are properly stabilized. In terms of production enterprises, it is of great significance.

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