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Effect Of Stockbridge Vibration Damper

Effect of stockbridge vibration damper

The metal hanging on both ends of the high voltage cable is similar to the dumbbell. It can be seen on any high pressure iron frame. The main purpose is to prevent the cable from swinging in the wind (the wind causes the periodic oscillating on the vertical plane, and a series of small amplitude standing waves are formed in the whole span). The anti vibration hammer is fixed to the overhead line through its wire clip. When the frame is vibrated, the anti vibration hammer moves up and down. Using the inertia of the heavy hammer, the steel strand produces the internal friction to consume most of the vibration energy of the overhead line. The air consumes a part of the energy of the weight of the heavy hammer, and it consumes and reflects a part of the energy. . According to the energy balance principle, the energy consumption of the vibration damper reduces the intensity of the breeze vibration.

Composition: galvanized cast iron hammer, hot galvanized steel strand, aluminum alloy wire clamp, stainless steel bolt, etc. Purpose: to eliminate or reduce vibration caused by wind energy in the operation of optical cable to protect cable and fittings.

Characteristics: using typical harrow design, its basic principle is dynamic absorption of energy, its frequency coverage range is 6Hz-150Hz, and there are four resonant frequencies in this range, which can meet the needs of various types of OPGW and have very effective damping effect.

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