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Quality control system

Quality Control

We lays particular emphasis on strict adherence to quality norms in order to ensure that its customers get products of globally acceptable quality. we have a full fledged Quality Assurance Department which monitors and ensures compliance with technical, procedural as well as commercial requirement of its customers. 

Zero Defects 
We have a rigorous multi step testing and inspection process with thorough documentation that guarantees zero defect levels in our product. 
1. Each item has a documented material testing procedure for our inspection engineer to follow at our laboratory. 
2. Each batch of castings/forgings has a clearly identifiable batch number and is batch tested for material quality. 
3. We have a documented inspection process that our inspectors follow for each item. They sign off and keep a copy of the inspection notes for each delivery. 

Batch testing 
We have our own laboratory with our trained inspectors. We have a complete material testing facility with a 30T Universal testing machine, Impact testing machine, Hardness testing machine and so on. Material testing is done by our material engineer. We test over 1 in 1000units, which is a high ratio. 

Type testing 
We periodically test products at a approved foreign laboratory to re-confirm our own internal testing results. 
A detailed quality assurance plan is available on request, however, the decision to provide the QA Plan would be solely at our discretion. 

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