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Surface treatment Technology of metal parts processing factory

1. Painting

This is a lot of hardware parts processing manufacturers in the processing of finished products will be a step, especially in some larger products are used more widely, the existence of spray painting can not only make the product not easy to rust, some special spray painting will also produce some other effects, so that the performance of the product more excellent.

2. electroplating

This process is also a relatively common, is widely used in the current metal products processing, the use of this process on the surface of the product rust-proof performance is very good, so that products in a long period of time can be normal and stable work.

3. Polishing

This metal parts processing technology in some of the daily necessities of the more, especially in some easy to pilling and thorns of some products, polishing is a must go through a step, not only to maintain the appearance of the product, but also to enable users to experience the use of better.

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