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The function of Line Hardware Fittings

The electrical conductivity, heat conduction and lubricating property of the wire hardware are good, and have certain mechanical strength and the instinct of commutation spark. Almost all dc motors and commutator motor use brush, which is an important component of motor. As a result, the electric slip ring is the input/output current and the commutation of the motor, and the wear-resisting degree of the hardware accessories directly affects the life of the motor.

1. Copper ring is made of copper, high hardness, small resistance and wear resistance.

2. The insulating material is impregnated with epoxy resin and non-alkali glass fiber cloth impregnated by pouring layer, good insulation performance, anti-pressure impact, oil resistance, oxidation resistance, heat resistance and aging properties.

3. Special specification can be customized quickly, can form a complete set of any models at home and abroad. Because starting resistance can segment resection, the appropriate string into the starting resistance, can make the start torque reaches the maximum torque of motor, shortened the boot process.

The hollow shaft slip-ring is specially designed for convenient hydraulic channel, air pressure passage or the center hole of the transmission shaft, Line Hardware Fittings which can be used for different electrical access combinations.

1. Adopt advanced brush type precious metal multi-point contact to ensure the contact is reliable under extremely low friction.

2. Master the key technologies of design and manufacturing, possess independent intellectual property rights, and fully satisfy the power and control signal transmission of 360 degree unrestricted rotation.

In addition, it can also be used to adjust the speed of the electric slip ring. Radial line hardware accessories run time is too long, will lead to wear and other reasons caused the keyway on the radial line hardware accessories and key attrition, the axial and radial line hardware fitting clearance is too large and cause vibration. The treatment method is to remove the radial line hardware fittings, re-open the key groove, Line Hardware Fittings and replace the scale groove. If the inner diameter wear is serious, the radial line hardware fitting should be replaced.

We often hear hardware fittings and slip rings when we are working. So what is a wire hardware accessory? What is a slip ring? What's the structure of it?

Line hardware accessories, as an industrial component, Line Hardware Fittings are not familiar to many laymen.

Formerly called line hardware fittings, Line Hardware Fittings the slide ring is changed according to foreign English translation. Line hardware fittings is slip ring, but old line hardware fittings all use carbon brush work, now basically be the majority of brush. This component has a high hardness requirement for the material and requires that the target material is resistors as small as possible. Wearability is better, the life of line hardware fittings is longer. In reality, the use of steel materials is more. Because steel materials are cheap, modern processing industry has more diversified processing of steel materials and can process very complex structures in a short time.

Working line hardware fittings, the matching of the brush and the shell to be very in place, and the material is qualitative hardness is quite, otherwise, when the brush hardness is higher than line hardware accessories shell, Line Hardware Fittings meaning that brush material of high hardness and line hardware accessories shell material is too soft, often appear on the online hardware accessories like brush width of the wear and tear. Especially for the motor running in high temperature environment, it is more likely to cause excessive wear of brush or wire hardware accessories.

Hardware accessories line at work, especially need to pay attention to whether small spark, because this is often the wear scar, Line Hardware Fittings if once appear small spark, this is the brush near appeared a little wear and tear, if not controlled, the wear will gradually expand, resulting in the entire line of hardware accessories can't work. When we work on the slip ring hardware accessories, must guard against this kind of accident, if the risk for large equipment, appear such symptom, if controlled, may be able to avoid a major production safety accidents.

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