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Hot Spots Of Railway Accessories Industry In China

1. Hot Product:

Following the investment hotspot of connecting rod, crankshaft, front beam and steering knuckle, China's railway accessories enterprises have turned to precision forging, cold and warm forging gears and other gearbox and engine parts for investment, this hot spot will continue for several years, but the new hot products will also appear, which is the squeeze rod and tube type railway accessories, automobiles, Building decoration and electrical products non-ferrous Metal railway accessories will not be hot soon, but there will be some investment.

2. Technical hotspot:

Jes, Lengwen and diffuser technology in recent years will cause great concern for enterprises, but also a wedge rolling and other special processes can not be ignored, here to remind the enterprises not to invest in such as the front beam and crankshaft production lines such as overheating and failure of the situation.

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