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Introduction To The Use Of Malleable Iron

Malleable cast iron automotive metal, by a certain chemical composition of molten steel casting into white billet, after graphitization annealing, graphite is mainly floc, floc, sometimes a small number of pellets of nodular iron, malleable iron and gray iron compared to the high strength, toughness and impact toughness. Malleable iron according to chemical composition, heat treatment process, performance and organization are divided into black-hearted malleable iron, pearlite malleable cast iron and white heart malleable cast iron and ductile iron four categories.

At present, Chinese production more than 90% malleable iron for FCMB, the other three types of malleable cast iron is used less, FCMB strength is not high, but has good plasticity and toughness, malleable cast iron is mainly used in automotive rear axle steering mechanism, low pressure valve, tube fitting by the impact and vibration parts.

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