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Maintenance Method Of Elbow Bend Pipe

1. Long-term storage elbow bend pipe, should be regularly inspected, often on the exposed surface of the processing must be kept clean, clean dirt, neatly stored in the indoor air dry place, is strictly prohibited to heap or open storage, often keep the elbow dry and ventilated, the maintenance of clean and tidy, in accordance with accurate storage methods.

2. When installing, the Elbow bend pipe can be directly installed on the pipe by means of connection, in accordance with the use of the location of the installation, in general, can be installed in the pipeline anywhere, but to facilitate the operation of the inspection, pay attention to the cut-off elbow medium flow should be the vertical disc below the high, elbow bends can only be installed horizontally, elbow in the installation to pay attention to the tightness of , to prevent leakage phenomenon, affect the normal operation of the pipeline.

3. Elbow Bend Pipe ball valve, globe valve, gate valve use, only for full open or closed, do not agree to do the regulation flow, in order to avoid the sealing surface by erosion, speed up wear, gate valve and the upper thread cut-off valve in the inverted sealing device, hand wheel to the top position to tighten, you can prevent media leakage from the packing place.

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