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Total Quality Assurance (TQA)

Step 1: Documentary Control (DC)
At the very beginning of cooperation or any new project, The ANTAI team would keep a close communication about the quality standard of your product to assure we all on same page with quality standard and testing method. The following standard documents will be prepared by ANTAI team and will used to guide the whole process of quality control.
Quality Standard of Raw Material
Quality Standard of Accessories
Quality Standard of Finish Products
Quality Standard of Packaging
Testing Method and Standard
Your close communication and cooperation with our team is required and great appreciated.

Step 2: Sample Control (SC)
At most cases, before P.O. was placed by you, ANTAI would furnish you a sample of the product for your inspection. The sample could be kept update according to your requirement and comment to the sample until it was approved. This sample need to be kept by you as record for inspect the production Sample coming next.

Step 3: Flow Control during Production (FC)
The quality control during production is carried out in 4 processes as follows:
Material /Accessories Quality Control
For the material purchased by the processing factory, No production can started until the material and accessories are inspected and approved by ANTAI Q/C at the factory site.
Production Process Quality Control
ANTAI Q/C engineer will make inspection per 30% of the production for quality control from the very beginning of production until completion. The inspection rate will be 20pcs per 1000pcs and 50pcs for 10000pcs or more. Any mistakes during production will be observed and corrected immediately during production. Also, the lead time of production is also observed and controlled by the quality engineer.
Lab Test
Lab test will be carried in ANTAI lab or the third party independent lab, as SGS, ITS, BV, CMA, STR etc, during and/or after production. Lab test report could be issued and furnish customers, if required.
Pre-shipment Quality Inspection (PSI)
When 80% of the products were ready, the factory will make the inspection of dimension and forward the report to the manager of ANTAI QA Team directly who will judge the consignment can be accepted or rejected. ANTAI QA team is formed by Merchandiser, Manger of the Purchasing Department, and Manager from Quality Assurance Department.
Final Report for the customer after the shipment
Dimensions report Made by ANTAI QA Team, Material report with lot number of material for each batch, tensile report, zinc coating thickness (if required by customer)

Step 4: Quality Feedback and Improvement System (QI)
ANTAI customer service will keep close contact with you for each shipment and any feedback will be furnished to Quality Assurance Department to improve the standard of product and quality control and production process.

WE THINK: Quality Service = Quality Products

All of our efforts are directed to make sure that customers needs are completely satisified. If the way we work is not quite fit the way you work, we'll adjust accordingly. If customers have unexpected problem or special request, we will take extra effort to handle it quickly and efficiently.

Quality control is an active, not reactive, function of manufacturing. Quality assurance starts the minute raw materials come in the door and continues through every stage of the casting process. We achieve part-to-part consistency, so the last casting is the same high quality as the first.

Continuing statistical process control and process capability improvement is applied for all products manufacturing process. Our commitment and continuous effort in improving product quality has established our image as a high quality manufacture and supplier.

We aim to be world class, committed to customer satisfaction & to encourage the spirit of leadership amongst our dedicated team by creating a healthy environment for continuous growth, profit and prosperity.

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