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Pole line hardware fasteners includes:Washers,Eyebolts,Eyelets,Eyenuts,Machine bolts,Upset spool bolts,Double Arming bolts,ovaleye bolts,Carriage Bolts,Curved Lock Nuts(Square Lock Nuts) - MF type,Washer Nut,Lag Bolt/Screws,etc.
  • Malleable Iron Washers
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    Malleable Iron Washers

    Malleable Iron Washers Material:Malleable Iron Size:According to customer's requirement Usage:Used in Electrical Power industry Any inquiry welcome here.
  • Single-coil Spring Washer
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    Single-coil Spring Washer

    Single-coil spring washer with 1 1/16" diameter hole for 1" diameter bolt. Stock material is 0.250" x 0.297". Manufactured in complance with ASME B.18.21.1 Galvanized per ASTM A-153 or ASTM B695.
  • Double-coil Spring Washer
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    Double-coil Spring Washer

    Double-coil spring washer with 9/16" diameter hole for 1/2" diameter bolt. Stock material is 5/32" x 13/64". Galvanized per ASTM A-153.
  • Suspension Hooks Through The Pole
  • Flat Or Curved Or Round Washer
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    Flat Or Curved Or Round Washer

    Material:Mind Steel Finish:Hot dip galvanised
  • Suspension Hooks
  • Oval Eye Bolts
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    Oval Eye Bolts

    Features: Eyebolts are forged, one piece design and are commonly used as an attachment point to secure thimbles, clevises, links and deadend insulators. Regular oval eyebolts are supplies with a 4 or 6 inch thread length and one...
  • Double Arming Bolts
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    Double Arming Bolts

    Features: Double arming bolts are fully threaded and assembled with four square nuts. They are used in double crossarm construction to secure and lock in the spacing between the crossarms. The ends of the bolts can accept eyenuts for...
  • Machine Bolts
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    Machine Bolts

    Features: Square Head and Square Nut Roll threaded. Bolts 1/2-inch and larger in diameter and 7-inch and longer in length also have cone points which permit driving without damage to the threads. Material: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Cast, Curved Washer
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    Cast, Curved Washer

    Features: Cast washers give greater strength and added resistance to corrosion. Reinforced rib design to put metal where strength requirements indicate. Includes a heavy boss around the bolt hole. Radial ribs extend from the boss to the...
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